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Apsara Show

Your trip to Siem Reap is not complete without attending this ancient historical dance show.
Come and experience to see the first hand of Khmer Traditional Dance Show at our hotel.


Apsara Dance Show (originating since Angkorian Period)
In Khmer mythology, all Apsara were born from the foam surface of the ocean of milk, when Tevoda (heavenly beings) and Assura (demons) churned the ocean of milk with the gigantic NAGA in search for Toeuk Amrett or the elixir of immortality. The dance portrays Mera, dressed in white for purity, dancing in her garden. She joined by her hand maidens, also Apsara, who produce flowers which express great love of the people and the country. Traditionally, this dance is performed to give plessing to the King, country leaders, or official guests visiting the country. We would like to present our best wishes in this dance to all our guests here this evening. May the flowers tossed by our dancers bring you all ever-lasting happiness and prosperity.
Sovann Maccha Dance Show 
It is a name of royal dancing performance, a traditional Cambodian dance. It narrates the encounter of Hanuman and Sovann Maccha during the construction of the causeway to Lanka in Reamker, a Cambodian version of Indian epic Ramayana.
The dance narrates a scene of Reamker. Preah Ream (Rama) orders Hanuman to construct a causeway. He directed monkey troops to collect rocks and drop them into the sea. But these rocks kept disappearing. Hanuman dove into the sea to discover that the golden mermaid—Sovann Maccha—was responsible for the disruption. While trying to overcome Sovann Maccha, they fall in love, then give birth to a monkey with a fish tail known as Macchanub. Hanuman explains to the golden mermaid why he needed the rocks. Sovann Maccha agrees to allow the causeway to be built, and returns the stolen rocks. She then assists Hanuman in the project.
Tep Monorum Dance Show
The Happiness of the Gods and Goddesses Dance, is one of the most popular and beautiful dance in the court repertoire. It has performed as a dance of blessing to end a performance. The distinctive interweaving floor patterns of the. Tep Monorum, as well as the complimentary relationship of male and female, in which the male is always on the female’s left, all reveal the importance of balance in Khmer social interaction. The chorus describes the erotic pursuit of the heavenly maidens by the male celestials as well as their harmonious union.
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Apsara Show
Apsara Show
Apsara Show